Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Flam Glam

Lifestyles of the rich and famous. We Americans eat this stuff up. Television shows inflate every move of anyone who even whiffs of notoriety. The tabloids and magazines share cropped and doctored photos to pique the curiosity of those far removed from the limelight. We gaze in wonderment of what life would be like at the top. Now I have ask myself “At the top of what?” I wonder who determines the pinnacle of success and trendsetting. Who is the mastermind behind the successes and “what’s hot and what’s not”? Should I allow today’s “fashionistas” to determine tomorrow’s shopping? All these questions can be guided by looking into Scripture.
The first fashion trend was designed by God –nakedness. There was no need to fancy up or cover up what God had made as beautiful. However, sin changed things. Man dissed not only God’s plan for living, but also His way for dressing. So, a second trend was unearthed. (Literally the plan came from the earth around them.) The foliage from the fig tree was man’s plan for hiding personal parts outside the body and the guilt and shame inside of the heart. God wasn’t impressed with the cover up of excuses as to the how and why the sin ever took place. He wasn’t wowed by the fig leaf cover up either. God set a whole new fashion trend both physically and spiritually. The blood of His own creation was spilled so the first man and woman would be covered. The tunics were made from creatures that God formed and called “good.” The Creator gave life, took life, only to give life back again. Man needed a sin covering. He still does. All of us cling to excuses for stepping away from God’s plan. All the excuses in the world can never wipe away guilt and shame. The ultimate sin and shame covering came in the form of God’s supreme sacrifice –His Son. His life was given for our sin, taken for sin, but given back so we could have eternal life. He was sent to be the trendsetter. The tunic of forgiveness looks great on every man.