Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Water Pots and Wedding Guests

The first miracle that Jesus ever performed was at a wedding. Just about every preacher uses this story when performing a wedding ceremony. This story is endearing to a love struck couple. They know Jesus understood how special and long awaited a wedding day is.
Unfolding the details of the wedding Jesus was attending makes the plot thicken. First, Jesus' mother was at the wedding. She was only a guest and not in charge of the food and beverage. Her concern was certainly not for herself but for the parents of the bride and groom. How embarrassed they would've been if anyone went home thirsty or hungry.
Up to this point Mary had never seen Jesus perform a miracle. What did Mary know? Well, she was told some thirty years earlier by and angel she would deliver the Son of the highest, of his kingdom there would be no end. After his birth and a declaration by appearing angels and shepherds Mary is said to have pondered these things in her heart. The mother of Christ never forgot who she birthed. While she didn't understand the capabilities of her son, she trusted Jesus could help the celebration stay a celebration. No one would go home murmuring.
Mary approaches Jesus. She states, "They have no wine." No coaxing or badgering. Part of Jesus' reply to his mother when she stated the dilemma was that his time had not yet come. However, he turns around and orders water to be put into pots then turns the water into wine. This was the first manifestation of his glory. The saying,"No wine before it's time" is certainly applicable here.
Often when situations look impossible, inconceivable, insurmountable, Jesus reveals his glory. Why does Jesus wait for the eleventh hour so to speak? So only he will get the glory. So everyone will recognize no human could orchestrate what has happened. So jaws will drop. So people will tell one another. So man will see the manifestation of God's glory, done only in his time.