Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Still Waters

My husband got a new cell phone. I inherited his old one. I have to be one of the least technical people on the planet. So with all the features of my inherited phone I pretty much only know how to answer and talk on this thing. I'm flustered! As I was driving down the road yesterday the phone randomly starts playing this song (no it wasn't a ring tone!). I looked down and listened. The words played out loud,"Break my plans...." over and over these words just played. I was wondering if God was trying to get a message to me. I hadn't picked up the phone or hit any buttons. The song came on by its own. I knew this was no accident. I am generally very busy with plans to stay on the go. For now though, God has led me beside still waters. At first I felt nervous. I don't like the stillness for too long. I tried to enjoy the stillness but felt fidgety. A friend chastened me and said they were meant to be enjoyed, not fretted over. I wanted to get up and start going again after a few weeks of the still waters. Yet there was no hand to lead me, no path to walk on and no compass to direct me. So for now I stay by the still waters. The song reminds me to let my agenda, my plans, all be broken before God. Still waters are peaceful and meant to refresh. I want to learn to drink from them and not begrudge them. In today's quiet place I wait.